Help – I Think Our Website is Lost: Two Simple Tests to Verify Your Situation

Can Your Website be Found and without All Your Competition Along Side You?

Our company passion is helping others with technical aspects of promoting and marketing their business, personal passion or cause.  Often refreshing or developing your website and developing internet strategy plan is a part of a plan to better attract potential clients and customers. We are professional website building experts. We know how to get your website found!  See what our clients have said about Search Savvy Design. Then contact us!

Being Search Savvy is More Than Pixie Dust.Its not Magic or Pixie Dust — Science is Involved

There are plenty of coders out there and that is what they are good at doing — writing code.  Constructing your website so that it relates to your products and services enabling you to be found on the internet is a science most coders handle poorly.  Your website being able to be found is key to retaining current clients and generating new business.  Search Savvy Design knows how!

Let us walk you through some basic information. Before you quickly skip do the information below, take a minute to evaluate your own personal internet search habits — Just how deep into the search engine result pages (SERPs) do you go you before you modify your search query?

Does Your Current Website Position You for New Business Opportunities?

(If you don’t have a website skip to the next section below)

We know How to Get Results From Your WebsiteHow well is your current website really working for you? Certainly you must have a way you quantify and qualify how the  your website and other internet marketing are working related to your investment.

Did you get a great deal from your techie friend, niece or nephew? There are many people that can build a flashy website for you for peanuts.  There are plenty of coders out there and that is what they are good at doing — writing code.  It takes more than code and fancy graphics to get your website to be presented by the search engines to the searching audience.

Test #1:  Search for Yourself.  From Google, search specifically for “your company name” and review the results to find the first page of SERPs that directly links back to your website.  Is your “main” site listed in early in the search result pages.  If you have a Yellow Pages or Yellow Book built website, and that website is midway down the 3rd-page of the SERPs, your getting ripped.  And this actually happens a lot!

Test #2:  Search for your site using several generic but extremely relative search queries (create your query by thinking like you are a prospect customer trying to find your business type, product or service).  Review the search results.

Do you find your website in the SERPs before your competitor’s website (this means searching for your site other than by your company name and a SERP result that is a “directory listing” including other companies and competitors doesn’t qualify as your website being found).  If you had difficulty with the tests, specifically Test #2, then its time to get a professional review of  current website.  Contact us to more about our Professional Website Review Service that is guaranteed to supply you with actionable information.

Website Development Services for a New Website

Search-Engine-OptimizationThrough 30+ years of sales and marketing and knowing how to bring focus  to your business and passion – that’s the experiential difference that gets put into your website development by Search Savvy Design. The internet is not static; search engines and competition change every day. Your own business is also evolving and that is where you should focus your learning time or you will be losing customers and money.

Back to the coders for a moment – can the search engines see color?  Can the search engines see the sliding pictures scrolling across the top of your landing pages?  Is your website name correctly positioned in every page title? And by the way, what is a landing page anyway? And should you have one or if you should you have many?

You may have an interest in managing your website content.  If you really want to see results, let an experienced professional work with you to get measurable website traffic, customer conversions and bring about an increase in your customer base, sales, profit margins.  We have helped many companies achieve significant improvement in their business.  See their unsolicited comments so you know Search Savvy Design is good at what we do!

So keep sharp about your business and market – share some information with us and let us use our sales and marketing knowledge with our website development expertise to get you some real measurable results – After all, your website is really is about driving results — being found early in the SERPs will get you there.   Contact us — We’ll get you “found”.  Its what we do!