DIY Website – How Much You Can Save

I frequently meet small business owners that have thought about or tried the “Do it Yourself” approach to building their small business website thinking they would save a bunch of money.

Ask yourself these questions:

    • What are the purpose and goals for your website?
    • How fast do you need to want or need to see results?
    • How and over what period of time will you quantify the results?
      • New customers? Additional net sales?
    • Do you know where to start? What to do first? What to do last?
    • What about your company can wait until after your website is up and running?
    • Do you or someone else at your company have time to write articles?
    • Do you know how to buy a good domain name?
    • What kind of website hosting service do you need?
    • What is the hourly value of your time as a business owner?
    • Based on your hourly value to your business, how  many hours will it take away from your business or family to do this?

Based on the above, how much money do you really expect you will save?

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