Do it Yourself Website for Your Small Business

Your reading this because you have concluded its time for your company to have its own small business website; you are ready to replace what you have because your business is changing or your current website is generating new customers; you have new set of clientele to attract; there is increasing pressure attract better customer prospects; or you simply need to generate more money for your business to proper.

As with most small business owners and entrepreneurs, the impulsive thought is a “do it yourself website’ or to work with your niece or nephew that’s good with computer stuff to create a website for you because you think you can save money in the process.

Check List for DIY Website StepsSmall Business DIY Website DesignDo you know what you need to have a functional, effective, money making small business website? There are a lot of great primers, books, tutorials, YouTube videos and instructional website do it yourself kits and templates that make it look very easy and inexpensive and will tell you a lot about what you need to know.

So you decide to dig into the process of building yourself a website. For the next several weeks you spend an hour or two a day educating yourself. Once you get started, you quickly realize you need to know a lot more.

Soon are deeply committed to this project of developing your own website. You see something you like that looks simple to incorporate into your website design and 2-3 hours later that simple website function that looked so simple but really isn’t.

A DYI Website is a Bad Idea for your Small BusinessSo the next day you go back and spend an hour or two a day learning more again and building another piece of the website you want to use to increase your business and make you more money. And then, if you are like most small business owners and entrepreneurs working to create your own website, you likely have to go back and review and, maybe even redo, what you did before implemented that cool new feature.

Meanwhile, you still need to focus most of your time and effort into your current business and your change in focus causes you to forget what you thought you learned before, and now need to thoroughly review again.

Do It Yourself Website Development TimelinePretty soon you have invested countless hours every week for several months on end into designing your own website. You learn something new and spending time redoing what you did; you watch and learn a lot more but are not getting to a finished product.

At the same time you’re not fully focused on taking care of customers and spending time with your family while all the time you’re not making very much progress toward getting to a finished product. Six or more months or a year goes buy and your business partner (or your wife) wonders aloud if you’ll ever get it done.

Do you realize how typical this ‘build your own website’ scenario is? What’s your time really worth to your business? How long have your ‘do it yourself’ efforts delayed a new website from bringing you new and better clientele and creating new business opportunities? How much money have you really saved while your website isn’t finished and being that functioning money making machine?

Do it Yourself Website Design Layout GuideAsk yourself — Do you really know how to plan this type of work?

  • Do you know where to spend your time?
  • What should you be doing first?
  • What you should be doing later?
  • What should you ignore entirely until the site is up and running?
  • What makes a good website?

You’re not alone with these issues. Many people have made investment in tools, software, and premium plugins; watched a ton of instructional videos, written a lot of website content and spent time writing blog posts and still don’t have an effective money making and new customer producing website.

  • diy-website-development-consultation-assistanceAre you ready to do what you do best — which is running your business?
  • Are you ready to step away from all the effort you’ve made and get this done?
  • Are you ready to stop pounding your head against the wall?
  • Are you ready to have a functional, effective, money making small business website in a rather short period of time?

If you’re ready to hand this off to someone with knowledge and experience who will spend a few hours with you and get it done, send us a note using the form below.  Start a conversation with us today!  You will rest easy and be happy with the final outcome.

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