Improve Local Search Engine Results for Small Business Websites

Google has made a recent change to their search engine algorithm that will provide search engine results that can significantly benefit you – if you have an intentionally search savvy local business website. Prior to this recent search engine update, searching for a certain type of business likely would return major brands or national chain stores versus a locally established business.

Improved Local Small Business Search Engine ResultsNow websites that are locally authored will be positioned higher in the search result pages (SERPs), particularly those websites that contain relevant content. Local business websites in the greater Grand Rapids area, that also have a verified Google+ page, Google’s own social network, will benefit even more. Establishing your presence on Google Maps will also drive improved SERPs for your local business website.

Get Increased Search Result by Being Mobile Search Friendly

With over 50% of the website searches now occurring on mobile devices this search engine update, a brick and mortar business with appropriately built websites will benefit even more from mobile and local search discovery.

Search Engines Don’t Have Eyes

It’s not complicated to build a reasonable looking website with many of the do-it-yourself website tools available. But a pleasant looking website by itself doesn’t generate search engine results that drive customers to your business website. Getting to the top of the search engine results pages takes a search savvy web design, create by Measureable Small Busines Website SERP Resultsexperienced web designer with marketing experienced team that knows and understands the “behind-the-scene” search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for your business to rank above your competition.

Results — isn’t that what it is all about?

Get measurable results, increased exposure, and more direct new prospective customers being aware of your company, products and offerings – all made to bring you more new business.

In West Michigan we are entering the “yellow pages” renewal season. Choose to make an better investment that will deliver results you can measure — get a professionally developed website, your first website, a new website, or Reduce Yellow Pages Expensesby enhancing your website’s ability to be found; an investment that for our customers has provided very significant results for much less than what they were previously spending on yellow telephone book advertising. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation – we are only satisfaction by your business growing in a measurable way